Friday, August 21, 2015

Finally a solution for Full Time RVERS!


Obviously we can’t use a cable connection on the road, so we’re looking at satellite Internet solutions.


Before we started full timing, I bought an old, very used HughesNet (also called DirecWay) portable Internet sat dish, tripod, and satellite modem.

The HughesNet dish is huge (39” x 23” or .98M) — that’s Jan with our dish at the top of this article. This dish is unwieldy and difficult to set up and get going. Also, the satellite Internet service for this dish is slow and expensive — about 13GB per month for $80. However, HughesNet satellite Internet service is available in the US (including Alaska), Canada, and Mexico.

Note that rooftop automatic HughesNet dishes are also available. However, HughesNet went out of business of few years ago so dish repair or getting parts could be problematic. Nevertheless, Internet sat plans for HughesNet dishes can be purchased through retailers like Mobil Satellite Technologies , but requires an 18-month contract.

Finally, HughesNet is still available for non-mobile (i.e., a house) service and is called GEN4.

RV DataSAT 840 Antenna & Insta-Sat Service From 1995 till roughly around 2010, the ultimate connectivity for high-end RVs was provided by motorized auto-aiming roof-mounted MotoSat satellite internet s A New Satellite Option – RV DataSAT 840 Antenna & Insta-Sat Service If you've got the budget and the roof space for it, the first new RV-focused satellite internet dish and service plan to come to market in years is now available

A little information about the company I grabbed from there press release about the RV DataSAT 840
About Mobil Satellite Technologies

Mobil Satellite Technologies is a satellite network operator and major supplier of land-mobile, marine, portable, and fixed broadband satellite solutions to business and Government customers throughout the USA and internationally. With more than 5,000 satellite systems installed, Mobil Satellite Technologies is currently celebrating their 18th year designing, selling, installing, and servicing satellite communications systems. Learn more about Mobil Satellite Technologies at

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